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Estimating an Application/Website
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Estimating an Application/Website

the best way to estimating the cost of a app is based on the feature and its complexity from which we will got how many hours the project will be completed and it will end up with how much cost you have to spend on it. actually there's more accurate estimation based on line of code etc.. but i think features and it's complexity is the objective way for programmer and project owner

ebay, amazon, etsy is very complex site i think, it would take more than 6 monts development time i guess =)

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Non-developer here with a new start-up. I know that a lump-sum, all-encompassing flat fee for a website/application isn't practical.

However, I've read the threads about devalued programmer fees, so could you guys help me figure how best to estimate the cost (or at least a decent range) of having a website/app designed and developed?

As someone with limited technical knowledge, trying to budget for web development is a black hole of confusion...and given that the company is a website, that's a problem in writing even semi-accurate proformas.

The site needs to act as a subscriber-based e-commerce site like Ebay, Amazon or Etsy with store subscriptions for clients, a social networking aspect, and a CMS.

What is the general financial range I need to be thinking about?

2 Posts
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