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Need help with RoR site
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Need help with RoR site

Hello people,

My name is Stefan, I am 22 years old guy from Serbia.

I have problem with my new site www.graphics-world.com. I bought GW few months ago, but site not working properly, it's very slow, some time need 20 sec to load page, I am getting old the time errors like this for example: "Oops, something just went really wrong. We've logged the request and will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

If the problem persists, please contact us"

Previous owner Ilya now told me that I need to upgrade RoR so site can work better.

I need you advice guys. What need to fix on GW, if anyone interesting in working on it, and how much it will cost.

Waiting for your response. Best, Stefan

Hi Stefan,

Do you have an ssh access to GW? if so, you can see logs (production or development) at logs directory on it, so we can figure out what is the problem

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The occasional delay of 20 seconds is probably because your hosting setup closes down your Rails application (your mongrels) after some period of inactivity. This is common for any shared-resource hosting, and sometimes it's accidentally done on dedicated hosting as well.

The advice from the previous owner that it will be more stable on a newer version of Rails only makes sense if you bought just the code from him. If you bought the whole site (including the version of Rails he used) then it's unlikely that upgrading will lead to fewer problems, and likely that there'll be a handful of upgrade-related problems for you to resolve.

Really, you need a Rails developer to help you out. Head over to the "Jobs section of WWR":http://workingwithrails.com/browse/jobs/choose and post a description of what you need done and what your budget is to do it.

What is your budget Stefan?

Regards, Milan

4 Posts
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