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Help with has_one, has_many, belongs...
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Help with has_one, has_many, belongs...


Firstly if you are looking for all the jobs under a category I would suggest:


That will find the category of a given name and then all of the posts for that category.

When you are creating the post all you need to do is set the category_id to the category you want. I would suggest looking into "formtastic":http://github.com/justinfrench/formtastic to create elegant forms.

hope this helps

I have a similar problem. Am a newbe as well.

My categories are already created i.e

categories: id name

posts: id category_id title excerpt body ....

Category has_many :posts

Post belongs_to :category

How do I ensure that during the creation of a post, using a checkbox or radio button, the selected category is updated in the data base?

So that if I do @jobs.category.find(params[:category_id]) if this is right, I get a list of jobs under that category?

What should I do in the controller/model methods?

Sorry for my noobishness


Jason King,

Good Reply. we should fallow naming convention strictly in ruby on rails.

Thank's for the solution

One very simple rule which will let you deduce the other relationships. The belongs_to declaration is always on the model which has the foreign key in its table. So here, @employees@ has the @category_id@ foreign key, so the Employee model will have the @belongs_to :category@ declaration.

I'm very unsure about your use of words like employ and employes. The usual here would be to have the @Employee@ model, with the @employees@ table and then, in @Category@ you would have a @has_many :employees@ declaration. If you really want an @Employ@ model and the plural of that is @employes@ then you'll need a custom inflection.

employ: belongs_to :category

category: has_many :employes

Hi everyone, i've working with rails and i can't understanding something...let me make it clear:

I have two tables, obviously two models:


id category_id


id description

One category can be used for many employes, and one employ belongs to ONE category.

how can i make that?

employ: has_one :category

category: belongs_to :employ


employ: belongs_to :category

category: has_many :employes

I need to do something that meke possible use "@employ.category" and thats return the category of the employ, and "@category.employes" and thats return all employes with that category.

Hope someone can help me =\


7 Posts
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