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Using value from I18N for id
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Using value from I18N for id

Hey Wouter,

Actually, the problem is with the data representation here,


here the interpreter actually counting "" as two different strings and code inbetween is the simple html data thats why it showing some errors.

The better way to write the code is first use single quote and then double like

It will work.....

what does 'content' do?

did you try <h3 id="<%= "short_#{I18n.locale}"%>"> ?


I'd like to use the value of the current i18n to create an id for a header-tag. I'm trying to do this, but I'm not getting a value in my id.(see pastie)

If I hardcode this, it is working, (see pastie)


What am I doing wrong?

3 Posts
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