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Rails 2.3 routing issues
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Rails 2.3 routing issues

Hello, yesterday we changed an application that was working in Rails 2.2 to 2.3, now all submit buttons of the application redirect us to index instead of create or update, checking the html and the log we can see that everything seems to be ok:

and in the log we see that it calls asks for categories with method post with is fine, but then index is the one that shows up.

This application has been working since september of last year, now that we changed the Rails version it suddenly collapsed, any has an idea?

I saw this problem on #rubyonrails recently - but I can't remember what the issue was. You're not running this app through passenger (mod_rails) are you?

Hi Jason, thanks for your quick replies. We already solved this problem, the problem was that we had a "Smurf" plugin installed and this plugin had its own routes file, this was somehow causing the problem. That plugin messed with the standard routes making submit buttons to redirect you to index and it broke the functionality of our easy_authentication plugin. The problem was solved by removing this "smurf" plugin, we dont need it anymore anyway. So the lesson learned here is, check the plugins you got installed when things unexpectadly go down and erase all the plugins you no longer need. And yes we are using passenger, do you think it has somenthing to do with this?

I was just going to recommend that you had upgraded your passenger to one of the 2.2.x versions because previous versions are known not to work with Rails 2.3. I don't remember it being routing problems, more session-related problems - I was just guessing. Glad you found the problem.

4 Posts
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