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Parsing csv file to ods file format
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Parsing csv file to ods file format

Hi All, Recently I came across a new task to be implemented in Rails.I have a bunch of csv files for my project .I want to convert the csv files to ODS(Open Office - Open Data Spreadsheet) format.Currently I have used 2 plugins meant for ODS support namely roo- which reads ODS files and rodf- which writes to an ODS files.

Can any one help me out with any reference or plugin for converting csv to ODS?

Also in the later stage of development I would like to convert the parser function in to a new rake task so that I can run rake for converting csv to ODS.

Thank You Narayan

Read the CSV file and then write the content you want to ODS.

require 'csv'

CSV::Reader.parse(File.open('file.csv', 'r'), ';') do |row|
  #write to ODS :)
2 Posts
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