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many to many question
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many to many question

OK, cool. Awesome. I am starting to get into many to many. I did not realize when the wiki said << it adds to the collection it meant it adds the relationship, doh. Thanks.

There are two lots of helpers that will assist you:

form.users.find_or_create_by_name( params[:user] )

This is not usually what you want, because it will only find the user within the collection of form.users - so you will still end up with multiple users with the same name, as long as no two are attached to the same form. Usually you want this instead:

form.users &lt;&lt; User.find_or_create_by_name( params[:user] )

Which will attach either an existing user with the name in params[:user][:name] or create a new user with all the parameters in params[:user] and then attach that.

ya how do i do create association if both sides of the associations are known?

You could use User.find_or_create(params[:user]) and then attach your associations to the user.

OK basically what I am getting at is if you a form model and a user model many to many relationship. If you save the relationship you do something like "form.user.build(:name=>??)". This will create a user with a name of ?? and make the relationship in the join table. If you already have a user with that name how would you create the many to many relationship without creating a user if he already exists?

can you post the code behind the form please? your question is not very clear

I have a form that has users. The users can be created or be picked from a drop down. If I submit the form and use Ryan Bates many to many method of creating the relationship I get 2 users, the one already in the db plus the one in the form. The one I create or that was already in the user table prior to submission have to no link but the user in the form gets created again and a link to the form is created. Is there a way to create the relationship of user to form if the user already exists prior to form submission without manually setting the values in the join table?

7 Posts
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