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nodeType is null or not an object?
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nodeType is null or not an object?

Like the other thread, I'm going to point you to the prototype docs: http://prototypejs.org/api/event/observe If you use observe then your callback will be sent an event object that has already been extended.


I use prototype.js for my website, I wrote a following function which gives me the clicked anchor tag and showing appropriate page for that clicked link.

function bodyOnClick(eventClick) {

var e = Event.extend(eventClick);
var obj = Event.element(e);

if(obj == null || obj == undefined) return;
if(obj.nodeName == "A" && obj.onclick == null)
    absoluteUrl = obj.href;
    var regexp = /(.*)\/\#(.*)/;
    var tempRelativeUrl = regexp.exec(absoluteUrl);
    relativeUrl = "#" + tempRelativeUrl[2];
    showPane(parseLocation(relativeUrl), true, false, false);
    return false;
return true;


I used Event.element(e) but it throws error in both IE 7 and FireFox 3 In IE7-- Error is "nodeType is null or not an object" and In FireFox 3--- "node is undefined".

When i debug this code It shows me error in prototype.js file for following lines

3861 if (node.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE) node = node.parentNode; 3862 return Element.extend(node); 3863 },

I dont understand where is the problem? please can any one tell me?

Thanks, Vikas

2 Posts
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