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javascript validation
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javascript validation


I have a register form with three fields.




my requirement is...

when i focus("onFocus") on name "text_field" a small message should display as " Name required".

When i move from that text_field("onBlur") it has to validation. That is "empty or Not".

I have three options.

1) Livevalidation plugin.


3)with javascript.

Im intrested to do in Javascript.

Please help me to do in javascript with example code.

with regards:


how about using tooltips...? simply pass :alt => " " or :title => " " into text_field_tag. if you need fancy looking tootips you can use a javascript library. I found one here http://www.walterzorn.com/tooltip/tooltip_e.htm

And if you don't insist of doing it with Prototype, you can do some really cool usability form enhancements with JQuery.

u can easily do it with live validation

4 Posts
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