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javascript problem when called from inside a partial...
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javascript problem when called from inside a partial...

Hi Paul,

I can see couple of problems with your code. first is when you say "video/sample.mov", rails will interpret this as :action => "video", :id => "sample.mov" unless this is intended. secondly I really don't think :params => "lightwindow_width=640,lightwindow_height=480" will do any thing.

what your partial should have is something like this.


I'm writing this in a hurry..so come back if you have more questions



Hi all

I have a problem with a lightwindow media player that i've been using (http://www.stickmanlabs.com/lightwindow).

Basically I've been declaring the necessary javascript files in the layout, and using page.replace_html to dynamically load content from partials (depending on menu selection). I have been using the following code from inside the partial to invoke the media player:

 "lightwindow", :params => "lightwindow_width=640,lightwindow_height=480" %>

Having spent many hours testing this, I have concluded that the javascript libraries have to be reloaded from the partial, and that is why it is failing.

However this is something that I can't find the solution to, I've seen somewhere that it may have something to do with the options passed when using "link_to_remote", but I can't find any more info than this despite searching extensively..

any insight would be greatly appreciated



2 Posts
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