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Ruby on Rails certification
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Ruby on Rails certification

According to the creator of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, there is no official exam or certification for Rails, none that he’s permitted anyway. The only certificates that exists are for completion of online courses/tutorials, like VTC.com, etc.

@Sebastian Bobrowski - the specific way you asked that question demonstrates precisely why people who are really in the know put little value in certification. "Certificates" themselves have nothing to do with improving skills, training and education do, but certification doesn't. And yet - the certification (ie. the certificate) is the only real focus of certication (this is nearly tautological) - which is why people who understand these things don't put any value in the certifications.

At best certifications show that someone is able to study a specific syllabus and complete some tests of some sort.

@Mike Gunderloy - do you think that certificates are not good way to improve our skills?

Thanks guys for helping me out to clear my doubts, well i was a big zero about this topic. Thanks, nithy"

There's not going to be a company to "take care of Ruby and Rails." There's DHH and the people he approves to be in the core team, as well as hundreds of other contributors, to guide the development of Rails. DHH owns the Rails trademark, and he's publicly come out against certifications.

Rails is a different kind of community. We're not going to grow into Java.

We are waiting for a company which take care of Ruby and Rails, like Zend and PHP. After then I think Rails will be on enterprise level and I hope that some company will organize test and certificates.

I'm sure there are plenty of certifications you can find, if you look hard enough. However, there are no tests or certifications to which any reasonable employer will give the slightest credence.

I suggest your retry your web search. The tubes have been abuzz regarding this particular topic for the past several days.

Is there any certification exam for ruby on rails. While searching the web, i found one site, http://www.expertrating.com/certifications/Ruby-on-Rails-Test.asp

Does anyone know about this exam, and will it be helpful in our carrier?

Any help is highly appreciated... Thanks in advance, nithy"

8 Posts
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