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Multiple file uploading
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Multiple file uploading

Hello all.

This is santosh athreya . I want to know the most adaptable plugin for multiple image uploading in rails . I aware of two, so far.. paperclip , attachment_fu.

thanks in advance.

Regards Athreya

However, it is quite easy to handle uploading in Rails. Place one or more

in template file and you can access the params[:images] as an array of all images uploaded form the form.

Even more, you could append more file columns in browser via JavaScript just duplicate the HTML.

The heading of your question doesn't match the examples that you've given. Neither plugin is specifically about having multiple files uploaded. Maybe you just meant to say multipart or something. Anyway, as well as the two plugins you've listed there's also "file_column":http://www.kanthak.net/opensource/file_column/ which is worth a look. It has been around for a long time, and very simple in all respects.

I hope this will help you.


4 Posts
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