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Move HTML Divs (visual effects) using AJAX
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Move HTML Divs (visual effects) using AJAX

Hi Friends,

I am working on the application, which has two sections on the page and have different items listed in those sections.

Suppose I click on item in the left section then It should move to right section of the page.

In order to give this visual effect, We can use following :

Move: Element Reference Moves the element from one location on the pag to another

MoveBy: Element Reference, y, x Moves an element smoothly by the stated x and y amounts. The element must have relative or absolute CSS positioning.

But I am not sure How do we code this in controller. I tried something like:

page.visual_effect :move_by, div_name, {:x => 10, :y => 100}

But I am not sure How do we state "x" and "y" parameters in it.

Any kind of assistance or hints in this issue would be helpful to me and highly appreciated.


Don't use MoveBy, it's deprecated (and I don't think you can actually get there with visual_effect because it always wants the newer style hash parameters whereas MoveBy is inline parameters). So this should work:

page.visual_effect :move, 'div_id', { :x => 10, :y => 100 }
2 Posts
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