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active merchant 302 found error
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active merchant 302 found error

Hey, i followed http://www.codyfauser.com/2008/1/17/pay … vemerchant to install active merchant plugin.

But, when i click the pay-pal, it is going pay-pal website and getting the transaction is invalid error.

I checked my development log and getting 302 found error.

please can anybody tell me what the error be and how to rectify the error

Thanks in advance

"This transaction is invalid. Please return to the recipient's website to complete your transaction using their regular checkout flow."

can anybody say what are the different possibilities for coming this error.

I was following the Cody tutorial too and I hadn't any problem. Could you paste your controller action and views? Try check your 'API Login', 'API Password' and 'API Signature', that is everything correct. Maybe you are sending a wrong params to paypal.

3 Posts
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