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Installation of Ruby RoR in LINUX
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Installation of Ruby RoR in LINUX

I have installed Ruby, Gems , Rails and Mongrel as given in the website,


and have got each step, successful..

Now I need to install Aptana/Eclipse for the Linux OS.

How can I proceed for that.

Please suggest me.

Thanks in advance.

Regards Athreya India


To develop in RoR, i use netbeans. The program could be downloaded in the following link: http://www.netbeans.org/downloads/

The program have a file view, where you can see all your project files in tree view, a project view, where you can see all you project files reordered in a new struct - MVC for example.

To Netbeans, we have more one attractive yet: plugins for help u programming, like git and RoR plugins. To add this plugins, go in menu Tools -> Plugins and type ruby in the search box. Install ruby on rails and ruby extra hints that are a actualization path and a color scheme (ruby dark pastels). And type git in the search box to install nbgit.

Any question, contact-me!!

I hope this notes can help you.

3 Posts
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