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Paypal in Rails

Thank You Abston

I will follow Those links

Active Merchant plugin is what you will want to use. Ryan Bates did a few RailsCasts on the topic http://railscasts.com/

PeepCode also has an informative Active Merchant pdf you can purchase http://peepcode.com/products/activemerchant-pdf

If you need more than that just Google Active Merchant.

BTW. Stating in a forum that "I am expecting fast reply.." will probably just piss people off and cause them to not reply and help you. It isn't proper forum etiquette.

I wanna Implement paypal in Rails:

I am new to Paypal

Can anybody suggest me how and where to start to implement paypal in rails:

And what are the key points I need to take :

I am expecting fast reply..

3 Posts
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