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Converting sql query to ruby on rails query
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Converting sql query to ruby on rails query

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a query in rails for showing specific content. You can find the sql in the pastie. But how can I implement this in rails?

I've been trying the ruby code from the pastie But I'm having problems with my brackets.

Does anyone see what's wrong?


I think that you need to use other brackets like:

Page.all :conditions => ["parent_id is null and content_id <> '' and category_id = ?", params[:id]]

Is it safer to use this category_id = ?”, params[:id]] or find_all_by_category_id(params[:id])?

It's not safer, just some people prefer using the dynamic helpers.

Something else you should look at is named_scope. This let's you embed this sort of static condition in your model where it belongs.

I'm on my iphone so I can't test this (tested now) but you would add something like this to your model:

named_scope :top_dutch, :conditions => "parent_id is null and dutch_content &lt;> ''"

I think you should then be able to do something like:


Check the API and test, sorry this is untested (tested now).

Edit: tested now, works as I suggested.

Thanks Jason for your answer it works fine indeed!

Happy to help, named_scope is an awesome feature for moving this sort of business logic back into the model.

6 Posts
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