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.ics file upload
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.ics file upload

Hi I am trying to upload .ics file from local system to application.

...I am using attachment_fu plugin . For this I followed http://www.jumbabox.com/2008/06/attachment_fu-tutorial/

And it is giving error There is no content type ..

And Also I followed http://clarkware.com/cgi/blosxom/2007/02/24

But here I am able to upload file but File content is missing......

Reply fast please

Hi Now I am able to upload .ics file But It is creating new folders ........

0000 -> 0001 -> here .ics file is uploaded

0002 -> here .ics file is uploaded

But I need it in public/ics files/ ....

But They are public/ics files/0000/respective_id/ here attaching ics file

Reply fast

Son, this is a forum of volunteers so don't insist on a "fast reply".

About your problem, the README offers you two options: http://github.com/technoweenie/attachment_fu/tree/master

bq. :path_prefix # path to store the uploaded files. Uses public/#{table_name} by default for the filesystem, and just #{table_name} for the S3 backend.
Setting this sets the :storage to :file_system. :partition # Partiton files in directories like /0000/0001/image.jpg. Default is true.

Thank you yaar After changing to path_prfix: I got an error "Errno::EACCES" I rectified it ..

Just now it is working fine ..

Thank you workingwithrails.. :)

4 Posts
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