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Workling behaves differently in production and development environment?
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Workling behaves differently in production and development environment?

I installed a new copy of the Workling plugin and was successfully able to set it up in my development environment. Everything works fine until I switch the environment (on the same machine!) to 'production' -- at that point, the workers never get called and items simply queue up in my Starling instance.

So, here's my question: When switching RAILS_ENV between 'development' and 'production', what steps do I need to take to ensure that Workling will continue to work properly in the production environment?

both Starling and Worling work in different ports in the different environments. I hope this hint helps.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the tip -- though I've confirmed that the ports are set to remain the same in both production & development modes. I think the problem here is that the worker classes aren't "linking" up with the workling system. To be a little more clear, Starling appears to be fine in production & development. Furthermore, workling appears to link up with starling properly in production mode.

The only thing that doesn't appear to work is that the workers do not call the workling process when necessary. (Apologies in advance if my explanation is a little weak.)

3 Posts
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