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Routes problem after upgrading to rails 2.2.2
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Routes problem after upgrading to rails 2.2.2

Hi there,

Since I've upgraded to rails 2.2.2, I'm having problems with the line where the li is situated (dutch_subpage_path).

[code] def get_subnavigation(content)

 markaby do
          div.subnav do 
            h3 "Subjects" unless content.all? {|subnav| subnav.children.empty?}
            ul  do 
               content.each do |subnav|
              if !subnav.children.empty?
                  li {(link_to_unless_current subnav.title_dutch, dutch_subpage_path(subnav.dutch_url.to_s) do "<span>" +subnav.title_dutch + "</span>" end) }
          end unless content.all? {|subnav| subnav.children.empty?}


My route file looks like this [code]map.dutch_subpage 'dutch/subpage/:id', :controller => 'dutch', :action => 'subpage'[/code]

The problem I'm getting is a undefined method `/dutch/subpage/9-obesitas_path.

The strange thing is that it works in a view and it isn't in a helper. Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?

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