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rjs drying-up problem
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rjs drying-up problem

The following are the code snippets of the situation. Its about the rjs.


The returned html via /order/new is as follows:

First Name
Last Name

When this remote form is submitted, the 'create' method of the OrdersController is fired and the code which tries to update the div with the id #flash_messages of the main layout is as follows:

    render :update do |page|
        page.replace "flash_messages", "Error checking out. Re-order again!!"

And the RJS error is "RJS error, TypeError: element is null". And its because of the call:

    page.replace "flash_messages"

Since, the

is still in the main-layout of the index page, why can't the "page.replace" get that element? If I put the
in the updated html sent via "/order/new" action, the page.replace "flash_messages" works. But if I got to do that, then it won't be dry coz I got to put it in every Ajax.Updater call?? So, how could I access the #flash_messages of the main-layout to make it dry?

Try using "page.replace_html":http://apidock.com/rails/ActionView/Helpers/PrototypeHelper/JavaScriptGenerator/GeneratorMethods/replace_html instead of page.replace. This will replace the innerHTML of the '#flash_messages' div and you won't lose the div.

2 Posts
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