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attachment_fu display image
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attachment_fu display image

Hi all

I am using attachment_fu plugin to upload images and filesystem to store images. Saving id of the image in db.

Can't able to retrieve the images using the id..

Can any one tell the solution..

can't you paste your controllers method and views? so me or other rubyist can help you

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It depends on how your have set up the model and controller, here is an example:

in the controller:

@image = Image.find(params[:id])

in the view:

Mike Clark has written a very good tutorial for using attachment_fu http://clarkware.com/cgi/blosxom/2007/02/24

If they didn't help, try to put more details here so we could help you further.

and you should always check the basics, i had seen people forget to pass the id parameter :) just in case. and mike clark's guide is excellent, but if i were you, i would take a look over the paperclip plugin

A little note, when you use the image_tag make sure that the url to the image is correct.

5 Posts
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