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valums ajax file upload + paperclip in Rails 2.x
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valums ajax file upload + paperclip in Rails 2.x

Hello all,

I am trying to setup ajax file upload in Rails 2.0.2 for project specific purposes. I am using valums ajax file upload plugin(https://github.com/valums/file-uploader). I have been able to get upload of files working in my javascript and I am able to pass them as params.

I have found a blog in which they have shown how to combine this plugin with paperclip.. http://mooooooooooo.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/paperclip-valums%E2%80%99s-file-uploader-and-middleware-continued/.

I have around 5 months experience in Rails(kindly bear my being a novice).

Since I am dealing with an old configuration , I am unable to completely setup the raw_file_upload.rb(as mentioned in the blog) for my configuration. Can anyone kindly help me with the same..

Thank you..

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