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Populate default data for new account
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Populate default data for new account

I need a way to populate default data when a new account is created.

I've been using seed_fu with fixtures YAML files to populate the default data for my app but this isn't working on an individual basis.

Basically the account is created and I need it to add some services and testimonials using the new account id.

Any ideas on the best way to set this up?

You can create any data in after_create method of your model.


I currently have an after_create: populate_defaults method

My question is how do I call the scritp to populate the data in the models and what does that script look like?

I currently have the following:

def populate_defaults add_defaults self.id end

Does anyone have a solution for this? I'd like to be able to call a file and load that data either with SQL or just activerecord create calls (creating about 9 records into different tables).

I am just unsure how to exactly load a file that will perform these actions. Where should I put the file? How do I reference it? Is it better to use SQL commands or ActiveRecord creates like the following:

Service.create( :title => "testing", :account_id => self.id, :active => 1, :body => "testing")

Any additional help is appreciated. Thank you.

4 Posts
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