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File upload problem in safari 3.1
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File upload problem in safari 3.1

Hi, I was unable to upload files in safari browser from my windows machine. Safari intermittantly hangs during file upload generating un-readable code and forced to close My IDE and not facing problems in other browsers. Is there any problem with my form ,

   <div><span id="videospan"></span></div>


any help !!

Hey Srinath,

The forums seem to have stripped the erb tags from the form you posted so I can't quite read it properly, but from what I know about safari is that it really doesn't like mismatched tags. I'd suggest checking the relevant html, like the form for any tags that aren't closed properly.

You might also want to check whether it's the javascript function validateVideosForm() called in the onsubmit causing this

You also mentioned something about generating unreadable code, where does this appear? In a page you get redirected to after submitting or in a popup?

Cheers, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, could you please go through this http://pastie.org/334642

i check all my tags, they were fine and also i was getting the issue when i removed my javascript validations i was getting unreadable code when i click on submit and redirecting .

thanks sri..

Hi again. meant to check back here earlier.

If you haven't already solved your problem, could you describe it in a little more detail? Such as what is the 'unreadable code' you see when the error occurs. I suspect it might be javascript that the browser should be executing instead of displaying.

If this is not the case, then some details about the controller action might help too.


4 Posts
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