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Printer list

Well, no time to dig any further but here's something to get you started in your search:

printers = Win32API.new('winspool.drv', 'EnumPrinters', [params], 'P')

So it's the EnumPrinters function from the Win32 API Winspool library. Hopefully once you view some docs online you'll be able to make more sense of it. http://techref.massmind.org/techref/os/win/api/win32/func/src/f21_4.htm

Then you'll likely have to use the Win32API for that. I have yet to use Ruby's Win32API library but hopefully this will get you going in the right direction. I used to work with the Win32 API way back with VB/.NET but it's been a while. If I stumble across any old notes I'll update this thread, but no promises. Good luck.

Hello Thanks for your answer. My server is on a Windows 2000 environment. Regards.

This is a very broad question and the solutions vary depending on your server platforms and configurations. You may want to specify your specific configuration of the server.


How can I obtain the list of printers available on the server machine, in my rails application?



5 Posts
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