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Best IDE with intellisense for RUBY
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Best IDE with intellisense for RUBY

I'm curious if there's an IDE with intellisense feature for RUBY as free IDE. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

you can use Netbeans 6. Try going over the Installation procedure for your Operating System.

I'll throw Aptana into the mix as well. Community edition is free.

Netbeans 6 is really nice. Unfortunately it's rather slow:/ I have used it for about month and switched back to vim (with 'rails', 'closetag' and 'surround' plugins).

this is my first post here, so hello everyone!;)


I recently used severeal IDEs. And the two finalists on my list are: NetBeans 6 and IntelliJ IDEA with the RoR plugin. IDEA ist very fast but the intellisense in NetBeans more comfortable. If you are a ruby beginner, start with NetBeans and after a while switch over to something like TextMate (this requires you to get a Mac). IDEA is propably the best IDE for keyboard addicted programmers.

Hope that wa snot too confusing.


I feel I must add to this conversation. One of the beauties of Ruby on Rails is the basic lack of need for an IDE. There are plenty of snippets out there and autocompletion bundles for Textmate (my preferred Ruby on Rails "IDE" if you want to call it that) but this is not like .NET or other such languages where you really need an IDE to survive. In fact, I would almost say that an IDE goes against the spirit of Ruby. With a language that was meant to be readable and clear, and IDE then becomes superfluous. You should never have to do such a complicated task that IDE's tend to do for you. If you are, then you might be doing something wrong and you might want to look at another way of solving the problem. I would strongly encourage any beginner in Ruby and Ruby on Rails to not user IDE's. They can be crutches and will impede your learning process more than help it. Learn how the language works, what is at the heart of it. Then, create your own library of snippets etc to ease the hassle of repeated tasks. Enjoy the simplicity of Ruby and the elegance of the language. Use textmate, emacs, nano, whatever you want! Also, for those of you not on Mac there are Windows alternatives to Textmate. I believe one package called 'E' does the same thing as Textmate, more or less, and also can use the bundles and snippets produced for textmate.

Those are my two cents, I'm not trying to tread on any one here, but that would be my suggestion!

I agree wholeheartedly with Matthew. I started out back in '89 on the M$ platform with Visual Basic 1.0 and Visual C++ 1.0. We've come a long way since then and Ruby / RoR does not need an "IDE" per se. However, TextMate on Mac, or jEdit for those on the Linux or Windows platforms help with the auto-completion features. I must say though, after 17 years of development using Windows and Linux (more recently), I just switch to Mac this year. I will "NEVER" go back!

You can use ruby from console but it is better and easy to use IDE for development. For IDE you can use 1> NetBeans:-

 Download it from  http://www.netbeans.org/features/ruby/index.html 

2>Aptana :-

Download it from  http://www.rubyinside.com/aptana-ide-open-source-workbench-for-rubyrailsjavascripthtml-488.html

For my choice I would like to do work in Aptana.

I use TextMate on my Mac and gedit on my linux box. I've been messing with RubyCocoa in Xcode 3 and it seems to have some sort of intellisense, though, for Ruby, it doesn't seem to be any more robust than gedit with the right plugins.

Aptana has just released RADRails 1.0 with enhanced code completion, debugger, profiler (pro version) etc.

I have used Netbeans, IDEA, RADRails and couple more but RADRails is quicker, intelligent and easy to use.

Aptana guys have listed a "feature comparison":http://www.aptana.com/rails/ between RADRails, Netbeans6 and 3rdRail

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