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Is the software app the customer is buying a web app? Is that what you want to use Rails for or just for the ecommerce site that will deliver this app? I guess my real question is, is this more than a simple file copy task or ???

Hey all,

Sorry for the totally newbie question here... I've developed a little software app and I'm building a core base of users. They purchase from my website, then download, configure, and re-upload to their webserver.

I'd like to simplify that by allowing them to configure (including the login/upload details for their hosting provider) through the members area of my site, then have everything upload to their site based on what they've entered.

Therefore there would be nothing to download/upload by the user. It would just "work".

The problem is I don't really know where to start... Is this something suited to rails? I really don't want to use php....

2 Posts
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