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Page updates stopped working after adding SSL support
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Page updates stopped working after adding SSL support

As far as I know, openssl is a library. It doesnt change the view or any ajax you are using in a project. So try to reload the page and check in terminal whether it is giving any openssl error there? Checking in terminal will give you the exact error. I think its because of something else. Please check and let me know. Reload and see.

Evalscript should be executed automatically when the page loads. This is done by ssl for site security. But with rails 2.3.5 for some reason it doesn't get executed. This is a very old bug related with this. However there is a solution to this, change the gem version for that or install it again.

There is no problem in that code. To verify that, just check in firebug for that div. Add that data through firebug in the same div. That way the page should reload correctly. If it reloads it is the same bug, which is fixed in higher versions.

There are other solutions but those are related with changing the configuration file of that ssl.

I'm having trouble with SSL in my ruby on rails project. I'm using ruby 1.8.6 and rails 2.3.5. I added SSL support to an existing/working project. I am having trouble with page updates (that used to work fine before adding SSL). The controller method is called, generating rjs that is placed in a hidden div on the page. Firebug shows that what is happening is an ajax call with evalScripts:true.

When I enter the text (from the div) to be executed in firebug, it updates the page appropriately. For some reason, there is no longer automatic evaluation with SSL. Help?

2 Posts
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