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What can persuade you to hire Junior Ruby devs with significant PHP experience?
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What can persuade you to hire Junior Ruby devs with significant PHP experience?

Hi Artem,

We have currently a ROR project (version 1) under developement, it will be finalize at the end of this month. So we will start the version 2 of this project at the end of this month, it's long term project (minimum 6 month). As i understand, you have some PHP developper who would like switch to ROR, so we can be interested to give them a try on this project. If you are interested let me know and we can discuss more in detail of this engagement


Well adding to the points above...

Get them on to some opensource projects and make sure they understand code base and start contributing. This way you can show case your group as RoR ready! and they too get required practice!

Hope that helps :)

Hello Artem,

My 2 cents!

PHP experience would count partially! If they had worked with cakePHP then would be good advantage. However, you still need to test their object oriented skills! From my experience I find many PHP developers conveniently switching to procedural.

Regarding projects, I can suggest you to look out some projects who wants to switch the technology from PHP to Rails or better with combination of both rails and php.

The bottom line, we need to train them well as we don't find many RoR experts around.


Hi! I am writing to ask for your advice. Currently we have several software developers with 7+ years in PHP that have strong desire to switch to Ruby on Rails.

They have passed a brainbench certification in Ruby on Rails with excellent results, but have only several months of experience in Ruby.

Are there any possibilities to find Ruby project for them? What they should do to persuade a client that they will be good at Ruby?

Could free piloting project may be a solution?

Are there any other things they can do to prove their capability to fulfill Ruby projects? What do you think? Thank you in advance!

4 Posts
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