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Auto complete in rails 2.0
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Auto complete in rails 2.0


I am trying to add auto complete functionality to a text box. I am using Rails 2.0 and i added auto_complete plugin, scritolous,prototype.js also to the project.

Could you please guide me, How to generate the above feature in rails 2.0?

I have tried many links found in the net, is not working. some are saying that some thins is depreciated in rails 2.0 etc,

So please guide me exact way to do the same.

Thanks in advance.

-- cheers Balu.

Can you be more explicit about the problem? show a bit of your code? I'm no problems running auto_complete in Rails 2.0.2

Well, if I am not wrong u can use the advanced features of auto_complete in rails:


Get in touch with me if u need more help!

cheers! Sumanth Krishna. A

hello Robin Bortlík Thank you for your help.

hello, i show a step by step process to implement auto complete in RoR project autocompleter example in Ruby on Rails

6 Posts
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