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Hi, I am doing page caching for a page that contains list of posts submitted by users. The cache is expired when a new post is submitted. However when a new post is submitted the controller redirects to the page with the list but with "stale data" instead of a new list of posts. The only way I can get a new list is to refresh the page. Is there a way to ensure that a fresh set of posts are shown once a new post is submitted and is redirected? Thanks.

Hi Richard,

Maybe you can check if the page you are redirecting to contains the correctly expired cache key as in..

'yourcontroller', :action => 'youraction', :key => 'yourkey' do ... end -%>

If you managed to expire the certain key when a new post was submitted, then make sure that that same key is the one used in the page that displays the list.

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2 Posts
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