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Tracking down an issue
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Tracking down an issue

So I have this problem or bug that is driving me nuts trying to find. The main issue being that I can't duplicate it, nor can anyone in my office.

So any advice on where to start trying to find out whats wrong would be really really helpful.

Our setup is apache with mod_proxy in front of 10 mongrels. The problem is with our "contribution" page(s). It uses a SOAP call to process the credit card with a third party. As far as I know it works all the time, but some of the time for some people, apache returns a 502 Proxy Error. From the looks of everything, the rails process completes just fine. The contribution is created, the soap call to 3rd party is approved and the thank you email is "sent", yet the get a 502 error.

Where do I go from here? It almost seems like a timeout error, but how do I verify that and what settings do I tweak?

After digging a bit more.. It looks like the production log never shows the "completed" line for these requests...

It logs the redering calls just fine, but then just jumps to the next request...

...... Rendering template within layouts/application_contribution Rendering contributions/thankyou

Processing PagesController#show (for at 2008-05-11 16:17:02) [GET]

Is it connecting to the SOAP service during rails request processing? Maybe it falls over if the user hits the "stop" button in their browser while the SOAP call is taking place.

Looks more an more like it is a timeout issue and that apache is timing out.. but then the rails process finishes..

I could test my theory but the credit card processor is down... joy

4 Posts
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