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Vlad + God

I love the names of these software projects..

Vlad the deployer to start my mongrels who are being watched over by god

Anyways my vlad deploy script tells god to unmonitor the rails app before vlad deploys... then after turns monitoring back on. The problem is it takes about a minute before the mongrels really start and create their pid files. During this time god thinks the mongrels are down and trys starting them and emailing me. (its not that big a deal, but I have 4 servers each with 10 mongrel instances... thus 40 emails from god)

I have tried:

run "sleep 1m && sudo god monitor dfa08 >& /dev/null &"

Which works in that it keeps god from monitoring until after such time has passed that the mongrels have had a chance to start, but for some reason vlad waits that 1 minute to continue on, even though & puts the job into the background.

So any ideas? either or..

  1. how to keep god from monitoring that first minute.
  2. how to have vlad run the cmd with sleep but not sleep itself.

thanks... -timw

1 Post
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