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plugin install

livevalidation plugin for javascript validation is not installing in to my aptana(IDE). im using windows(OS)

                         md anas

Additional information would be very helpful in trying to help you out -- what is the error message, how are you proceeding and at what point exactly things go wrong.

What do you mean by 'it is not installing'? You just need to drop the proper .js file to your public/javascripts directory and include it in you application.html.erb (or if you don't have a layout, wherever in the <head> tag of your page(s)) with something like

No other 'installation' is needed.

Cheers, Peter

thank you buddy even i am trying to do this but getting wrong some where..i will try this out..

but in their site they specified that first we have to plugin then rake it, it will copy relevant .js files into scripts folder,we have one more option of downloading and installing prototype.js file supplied by them... i dont know how to work with prototype.js

thank you in advance

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4 Posts
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