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Syntax Highlighting
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Syntax Highlighting

Hi Guys,

I have an app I'm writing which requires syntax highlighting for multiple languages. I've looked at "Syntax" http://syntax.rubyforge.org/index.html which seems to fit the bill. The Typo blog engine uses this for syntax highlighting. So far I can only find syntax implementations for Ruby and YML as used by Typo.

I've noticed other apps out there which have multiple languages with syntax highlighting. Namely Josh Goebels' excellent Pasties app http://p.caboo.se/pastes and Warehouse by Active Reload http://warehouseapp.com/.

These guys have obviously solved the lack of "Syntax" implementations and rather than re invent the wheel, does anybody know of other language implementations for "Syntax" or is there another syntax highlighting Gem out there I am missing.



You should use the ultraviolet gem. It was support for 158 different languages and uses textmate's stylesheets for design.


I've written a macro for the filtered_column plugin that allows you to add stuff like this to you text areas all with proper highlighting:

(setq ini-directory (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d/ini"))

Thanks Joshua,

This is exactly what I need.

Looks really cool.



I am using UV in my blog currently, and am switching to Syntax after this week with the new site. I found UV very irritating to set up and configure, though the TM support was nice.

What sold me finally on Syntax is that Jamis wrote it. Jamis is a Ruby God I must lure with cargo, so there you have it :)

But seriously I find Syntax very nice.

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4 Posts
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