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String iteration using each_line
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String iteration using each_line

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If you use the alternate loop style instead, it'll work:

for instruction in @recipe.instructions

In this case, it does the same thing as each_line, and this won't raise any deprecation errors.

Jason, Actually I was getting the following deprecation warning on that line (DEPRECATION WARNING: style block helpers are deprecated. Please use ), so I added the = and the warning goes away but the output is still the same. I'm using rails 3 rc2 with ruby 1.9.2dev (2010-07-11 revision 28618).

I know this has to be something simple but I'm new to ruby and rails :(


You have this on line 49: @@ but that's an output ERB tag, it should just be @@

Using the output tag is causing the value of that block to be output, as well as the block itself.

I saw your Controller File. In Which method u select the @recipe variable

Actually it is using html, the code didn't show up correctly in this post. See line 50 here http://github.com/quattro004/scratches/blob/master/app/views/recipes/show.html.erb

Any other ideas? Thanks.

Hey Man use HTML Tag

&lt li &gt &lt /li &gt

Use this Code to Get tour Desired Output

I have the following code which displays instructions in an ordered list. When it's rendered in the browser, it outputs all of the instructions at the end in a single line. Am I doing something wrong? See output below for example.



Instructions: Roast garlic test eat icecream Roast garlic test eat icecream

Rails 3 rc2 ruby 1.9.2dev (2010-07-11 revision 28618)

8 Posts
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