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Best server configuration?
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Best server configuration?

Hola Alejandro,

for both our staging and production servers we use nginx as well as Apache with "Ruby Enterprise Edition":http://rubyenterpriseedition.com. As long as you dont´t need any specific Apache features i would suggest nginx + ruby enterprise edition.

Cheers, Sven

i would suggest "apache + phassenger / apache + mongrels / apache +thin" because it is widely used configuration. I have used this in my website Orangegigs.Just have walkthrough. OrangeGIGs is a FREE job posting site, developed on Ruby on Rails (RoR) by Silicon Valley based Andolasoft Inc. The objective of this web application is to invite companies across the globe to post Ruby on Rails jobs based on their requirements and developers to apply for the job. This site acts as a catalyst between the Employers and Developers. The site is absolutely FREE and extremely simple to post & find jobs. You just need couple of minutes to post your jobs. For more information please visit: orangegigs dot com.

Hello, i have some questions, wich is the best server configuration to host multiple rails app in one server?

apache + phassenger / apache + mongrels / apache +thin nginx + passenger / nginx + mongrels / nginx + thin

always thinkig that wich is the best about RAM load an speed.

thank you very much.

3 Posts
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