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exceed limit file size
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exceed limit file size

hello there and good day to all im facing a problem when i want upload a big file.i can upload 13mb file but when i want to upload 300mb file its seem to be error.its say ERROR NoMemoryError: failed to allocate memory.anyone knows how to fix it or where i cant change the setting limit file if its have one. your help will be so appreciate. thank you

That may have something to do with your server configuration. Not only is Rails taking up some memory, but when you are trying to process a large file, like 300mb, you are asking for a lot of resources. Check to see how much memory your server has: you may want to try uploading files in different size increments (10mb, 50mb, 100mb, 125mb, etc), to see where your cut off is.

300mb is too big to just run through a typical web upload flow. Either you get a timeout for a long request, a out of memory request, or corrupted data.

If I HAD to do this (and there has to be another way) I would use a second server with Merb running on it using threaded mongrel. That will allow you to upload large files without killing your web server. Merb takes a lot less memory then Rails and is perfect for this type of scenario.

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3 Posts
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