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how to pass javascript in the flas player
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how to pass javascript in the flas player

Hi i want to pass a javascript file in the flash player. in emded code there is a option allow javascript=true so i can i give javascript path in that .

Without seeing the embed code I'll just guess you can use some inline erb to insert a variable or database field value into the embed.

I hope that helps somehow.

hi thanks for the comment i want to pass the xml file to show the realted video at the bottem of the page the problem is that i have to write that xml file in the public folder when i give the path of the view it gives me errors in public directory i have to made deffrent --2 file at each time so each there is any solutions for that Thanks

This is the emded code

Hi Amit, I just dealt with an issue like this recently and noted it in "this post":http://www.workingwithrails.com/forums/4/topics/83-create-an-xml-file-in-memory.

I'll recap here quickly though. I was able to send the xml data directly to the flash player without creating a file at all by creating a controller that calls send_data to send the generated xml. I then inserted inline ruby calling "url_for" to supply a "file path" to flash object like so using your example embed code:

So no files to clean up, no time wasted writing/reading from the file system. Works really well for me.

I wish I could make things clearer but I hope this helps anyway.

Hi Thanks for comment but still i have problem my conroller code is

def test12

send_data stream, :filename => 'videos/test12.rxml', :type => 'text/xml', :disposition => 'inline'

and the rxml code is here

 xml.instruct! :xml, :version=>"1.0", :encoding=>"UTF-8"

xml.recommendations do
xml.recommendation do
     xml.title('Reporting sdssfrom Mint')

But recomnadation is still not working can u figure out this Thanks

7 Posts
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