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Apache + Passenger -> RoR hates me!
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Apache + Passenger -> RoR hates me!

Hi Chris, Maybe i can help you out.

What's link did you follow?

I think you need to enable your mod_rewrite. To do that, you must run: sudo a2enmod rewrite

You should be prompted to restart your apache server.

let me know if that helps.



I've set up a VServer (Ubuntu Server 10.x, LAMP) and Passenger. I followed Mr. Googles orders HOWTO bind an app to a sub URI. Did the symlink, added the RailsBaseURI...

If there is an index.html in the public folder it is shown. If not the folder index.

If I try to access a viewer (my.domain/app/home/index.html) the browser says "Waiting for Server", passenger-status says "Working on that!"... and there is no reply until timeout (if there is a timeout... just had a case of an domain activity of more than a hour)

What can I do? What is wrong? Logs are not significant.

Please enlighten me.


2 Posts
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