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Treeview with Drag and Drop ROR
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Treeview with Drag and Drop ROR

I've managed to set up acts_as_tree, that's working fine. I also found a good php tutorial, that I've managed to get working in php.

Now I'm trying to port this over to ruby but I'm facing a problem. I have to get some data using a post request, but I'm not able to get it.

I've pasted my code in pastie : http://pastie.org/private/laeycedthniwwkkdhixjcg

This is the line I'm talking about, $updateRecordsArray = $this->input->post('recordsArray');

Could someone tell me how I can get the recordsArray (post request)?

The tutorial can be found at http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/dynamic-dragn-drop-with-jquery-and-php/

Or is there another way to do this? Thanks

or use any acts_as_tree etc, and handle d&d inside your app (even using prototype or jquery)

You could use http://www.jstree.com/ - it's based on JQuery and has multiple call backs for drag/drop extensibilty. It shouldn't be too hard to connect up to a rails app.


I'm looking for a javascript treeview with drag and drop functionality that I can use in Ruby on Rails. I'd like to use it to change the order of pages this way.

Does this exist?

Thanks Wouter

4 Posts
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