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how to assign each value to its corresponding keys in generic ways
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how to assign each value to its corresponding keys in generic ways

Hi all - my problem is that i get key and value .but i have to save in the database. but while saving it will save only one key and corresponding value ,but if i want to save more than one value to corresponding keys ,it shows problems. but any how i got all the keys and values .only my problem is how i assignee each key to value.it should be in generic way.i have search it but i do not get the right way.

                             my code is like this:-

bold local_keys = @params.keys, first_addition = true, param_value =0, sql=String.new, sql_value=String.new, for key in 0...local_keys.length list=key.methods,

    key_name = local_keys[key],
    value =  @params[key_name],
     puts "key "+key_name.to_s+ " value "+value.to_s, 
      if key_name!="action" && key_name!="controller" ,
      @test_runs = TestRuns.new,
         @test_run.ks=value(it is successful)(here ks is my column name),

but when i want to update more than one in a generic way it is not successfull like

@test_run.key_name=value(it is not working) *bold*

Hi Bishnu

I am not very clear why a loop is used , if all you want is to catch the params posted by a form and store them in the database, you can just do this in your controller

   @test_runs = TestRuns.new
   @test_runs.attributes = params[:XXXXXXX]

Correct me if your requirement is something else.

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Hi Balaji

            Thanks for Your suggestion.     my  requirement is that ,user can send  2/3/4/5 no of parameters values . my table has 20-25 columns.every time user sends value will be save in database with new id.it depends  upon user what is no of value he send. that's why i use key value pair.so can it be done through ruby reflection.what you suggest i tried for one parameter ,error is comming like this:-"You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!You might have expected an instance of ActiveRecord::Base.The error occured while evaluating nill.attributes=".can you suggest me why the error is ? 2:-how can i do it in a generic way like user may send any 2/3/4/5 values. 3:- how can i do for more than 1 value what you suggested before.

Can you please post the modified code that you are using now.

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local_keys = @params.keys puts local_keys first_addition = true param_value =0 sql=String.new sql_value=String.new for key in 0...local_keys.length list=key.methods

    key_name = local_keys[key]
    value =  @params[key_name]
    puts "key "+key_name.to_s+ " value "+value.to_s 
      if key_name!="action" && key_name!="controller" 
      @test_runs = TestRuns.new


 it is working fine

i need generic way like


in this key_name contains attributes duration,sut what ever i have sent though url.

But my problem is i could not able to insert using key_name

Why it is important means later may be coulmns added in the db i can use this code with out change code that it is main intention

i tried using reflection like this

if key_name!="action" && key_name!="controller"

        @test_runs = TestRuns.new

        if @test_runs.respond_to?(key_name)

        puts "has a method VVVVVV"+key_name

          method_obj = method(key_name)


          puts "passing value VVVVVV"+value


This is not working.

Please help me in this regard

Then try something like this example

a= {"a"=>"first","b"=>"second","c"=>"third"}

a.each do |key,value|

puts "#{key} -- #{value}"


also @params has been deprecated so simply use params

In case of any clarifications please mail me at balaji.ananthachari@gmail.com

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thanks it is working.

final solution is

@test_runs[:"#{key_name}"] = value. this will assign each value to the corresponding keys in generic ways. Again thanks mr Balaji for Your solution.

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