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ActiveRecord find order by method
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ActiveRecord find order by method


Hi Juan, I agree with James.

An alternative syntax, assuming you have defined: is_a_local_customer(some_parameter) in MyClass class, for example, is:

MyClass.all.sort_by {|r| [r. is_a_local_customer(some_parameter), r.last_name, r.name]}

//or the same

some_collection.sort_by {|r| [r. is_a_local_customer(some_parameter), r.last_name, r.name]}

The pagination also works fine for me.


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So long as you dont paginate you can do MyClass.all.sort_by(&:is_a_local_customer) etc, sorting after the record has been pulled out. If you do paginate i recommend you cache those values on the record.

Hi, I need help:

I want to sort a list by a method, NOT through a database column, example

class MyClass < ActiveRecord::Base

#this method return true or false def is_a_local_customer



#this method return true or false def is_a_regional_customer


end end


MyClass.find(:all, :order=> 'is_a_local_customer,is_a_regional_customer,last_name')

o something similar(may me named_scope, or :order, etc)


4 Posts
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