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Need help creating an advanced plugin
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Need help creating an advanced plugin

My advice would be to try Mislav's will_paginate plugin http://github.com/mislav/will_paginate


I'm more or less new to rails and I'm trying to make a plugin that gives some extra methods to the model. These methods will be different, here is an example of how it would be used in the model:

class Image < ActiveRecord::Base # these are the default options for the find method tottys_paginate :comments, {:conditions => 'bla bla', :from => 'comments AS c'} tottys_paginate :images, {:conditions => 'bla bla', :order => 'bla bla', :from => 'images AS i'}

def example

  # these conditions are only for this query and will be merged with the default options, setted before.
  comments = self.comments_tpaginate({:conditions => 'bla bla', :select => 'c.id, c.created_at...'})

  images = self.images_tpaginate({:conditions => 'bla bla', :select => 'i.id, i.created_at...'})

end end

how can i make the structure of the plugin in order to work this way?

i made this plugin until like this but i dont know how to have separate default options for comments and for images and then merge them when i call the eval methods(comments_tpaginate OR images_tpaginate)

module TottysPaginate

def self.included(base)

base.send :extend, ClassMethods


module ClassMethods

def tottys_paginate(target, default_options)
  empty_options = { :select => '',
                    :conditions => '',
                    :from => '',
                    :order => '',
                    :limit => '',
                    :offset => ''}

  @default_options = empty_options.update(default_options) if default_options.is_a?(Hash)

  ActiveRecord::Base.send :include, TottysPaginate::InstanceMethods      

  class_eval &lt; !o[:count_conditions].blank? ? o[:count_conditions] : ( !o[:select_conditions].blank? ? o[:select_conditions] : o[:conditions]), 
                  # count from OR select from OR from
                  :from => !o[:count_from].blank? ? o[:count_from] : (!o[:select_from].blank? ? o[:select_from] : o[:from]))

  # if we pass the offset, will be use that offset
  o[:offset] = !o[:offset].blank? ? o[:offset] : o[:limit].to_i * ( o[:current_page].to_i - 1 )

  # convert current_page to a number
  if(o[:current_page]) then o[:current_page] = o[:current_page].to_i end

  # select items
  o[:data] = self.class.find(:all,
                :select => o[:select],
                # select conditions OR conditions
                :conditions => !o[:select_conditions].blank? ? o[:select_conditions] : o[:conditions],
                # select from OR from
                :from => !o[:select_from].blank? ? o[:select_from] : o[:from],
                :limit => o[:limit],
                :offset => o[:offset],
                :order => o[:order])

end end

ActiveRecord::Base.send :include, TottysPaginate

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