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Session in Rails_API gem
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Session in Rails_API gem

Hi Rails Guru, Currently I am working i my project, and that project using rails_api gem. I want to add session management for authentication, but it seems the session does not working. Here is my configuration in config/initializer/session_store.rb:

Pmcapi::Application.config.session_store :cookie_store, {

key: '_pmcapi_session', 
expire_after: 1.hour


And I add config.api_only = false in application.rb (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15342710/adding-cookie-session-store-back-to-rails-api-app)

and in my session_controller, I adding session to store token

(in session_controller.rb)

def create
  #just to generate new token
  session[:token] ||= user.sso_token
  self.current_user = user
  redirect_to root_path

when i am in application_controller, i want to access session[:token] but the result is nil (in application_controller.rb)

def authenticate_user!
  #puts("User Authentication")
  @user = User.authenticate_with_token(session[:token])
  #head :unauthorized unless @user.present?
  redirect_to sign_in_path if @user.nil?

Please, i need help. I have stucked with this, thanks

Last Edited by ari-el-muhandiz at 23 Sep 23:38

In API's we generally do not use session based authentication. You should rather use an access token based solution. In your examples I don't see the request which you send to the API with the Cookie header. I guess the error is the lack of the Cookie header.

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2 Posts
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