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Questions for freelance developers...
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Questions for freelance developers...

I am an engineer in the oil and natural gas industry in Calgary, AB and an aspiring Rails newbie developer. I have several ideas for web apps that in my opinion would do very well in the industry which typically uses outdated and clunky tech such as Excel spreadsheets and Access databases etc.

The exploration side of the business has many spread out areas all with various regulatory requirements and process directed activities which would be ideally suited to a cloud based SaaS model.

I have an app half built but I am at the point where if I keep going with my limited skill set I will end up with a bug filled security lax app.

I have a full time job and growing family and simply don't have the time to commit to such a project but it would be a shame to let such an opportunity to go to waste.

I would be willing to provide the technical specifications etc, all the hosting and other marketing costs etc and share with the developer partner(s) an even share in the future stake in the company. If it dies a slow painful death all you are out is your time and you get to use the code on other projects etc. and I lick my wounds.

If any of this sounds interesting to you drop me a line and we can talk.


You're asking people to work for equity in something that even you don't seem is worth paying to complete. When a freelancer hears, "all you are out is your time", they do a mental calculation of their hourly rate times how long it would take to complete the project. So my time is worth $100/hr, if it's going to take lets say a month to complete the app. $100/hr * 40hrs/week * 4weeks means I'm in the hole $16,000 and all you contributed was a cheap idea. In those terms you can see why most freelancers will never work for equity.

Thanks for the feedback. That's the kind of insight I am looking for as I am pretty much clueless as how the developer world works. I am not opposed to paying for it I am just not at a point where I can fund that. I could find investors but would be further diluting my stake.


You will dilute it either way, unless you have some other source of funding. Either you will need investors, or you will pay in equity, or both. I for one will not work for just equity (unless you can really convince me of both your idea and your business skills). At most I'll take half of the compensation (which will still be market-rate) in equity. Even that can easily become a substantial stake quite quickly.

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Hi Guys,

I have a fantastic Ruby on Rails contract Developer opportunity based in London.

Please forward on to all your freinds and get them to call me :):)

020 3036 0624 / robert.woodhouse@hendersonscott.com


• 4 to 6 years of development experience with Ruby on Rails

• Strong development skills with Java/J2EE

• Good understanding of Agile principles

• Genuine passion for Cloud Computing

• Proactive thinking with a ‘can do’ attitude

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.


• Working knowledge of Heroku

• Knowledge of CRM solutions, preferably Salesforce.com

• Client-facing experience

Technology skill set:

• JRuby 1.9 • Tomcat • MySql 5 • Ubuntu 12.04 Linux LTS • HTML 4 • CSS2 and 3 • JQuery 1.7


We are into Web 2.0, Web Applications & Solutions, E-commerce, Dedicated Hiring, iPhone Development, Rich Internet Applications (Flex) ,CRM, CMS, ERP, HR Management solutions, Document Management solutions etc and would be keen to solicit business with your esteemed organization.

We have a large experienced team of over 350 professionals who are proficient in .NET, VB, ASP, C/C++,C#, PHP, FLEX- RIA,XML, Java/Javascript with SQL Server 2000,Mysql and Oracle9i as backend database. We also having a designing team who expertise in HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash, Corel, Fireworks, Maya, 3D Max, Director, Premier, Sound Forge.

Therefore at extremely competitive rates you are getting a huge pool of highly skilled developers from an established and experienced company.

For further details: Email ID- shephali.gupta@navsoft.in

Shephali Gupta

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This is just an observation. We have owned a ruby on rails enterprise software company for two years. I find it hard to find reliable well trained ruby programmers who want to work quickly and regularly. We are looking for someone in the US, and will not outsource again because our system needs to be created with someone by someone with a native English background. Programmers from non English speaking countries just do not understand the culture and syntax and grammar so pages are set up incorrectly, and we have found misspelling a HUGE problem. (surprising when spell check is available.) I am interested in comments from free lancers regarding the mind set that they have in approaching a full time job or just a project. Just interested in learning how best to advertise for a qualified US based ruby programmer. Almost always they come from India, Argentina or Pakistan.

7 Posts
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